Sword Art Online Theme For Windows 7 Mediafire Download

If you are a fan of anime you must be familiar with the name of the Sword Art Online. But at this time will not be posting the movie Admin sob ^ _ ^ But the Admin will post the theme that can only be run on windows 7. Sword Art Online This theme is composed of Wallpapers, And no great difficulty to run it. And do you just install what has been provided by the Admin KS ... So the game download mantep loch ^ _ ^

Screenshot :

How To Install Themes:

     * To be sure you download it first dong ...
     * Once you download, extract it first ...
     * And they have such a file ... Click on the file ...
     * Let more safely and correctly, you select the English language ...
     * And click "Next" ...
     * Click "Next" again ...
     * Here you are asked for a password and enter password Astyles.Org
     * After that, as usual, just install it ...

What has changed?

    A. cursor
    2. Wallpapers (Can be converted back if you wish)
    3. Display the Start Menu
    4. Nothing has changed in some icons like the Recycle Bin
    5. DLL

Link Download :

14 Responses to "Sword Art Online Theme For Windows 7 Mediafire Download"

  1. What the heck, the download leads to the anime. Where's the theme. What a waste of time.

  2. Why can't i change the Toolbar??
    I'd like to change it because it's too odd >w<

  3. and why the start button doesn't change

  4. :OOO
    waiting for your answers

  5. Ooohh ..... sorry I was also not previously know? because I have not tried downloading it ......
    Put it this way sihlakan you enter your e-mail, I'll let you know

  6. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  7. E-mail: happy_lenalee@yahoo.com
    I'm waiting for the respone and thank you :DD

  8. Nothing happens when I put the password in to download the theme...is it not there anymore?

  9. hi may i know when u will upload the real theme file

  10. please send it to me at dylanleader@aol.com

  11. please send it to me at dylanleader@aol.com

  12. Thanks Sob , wait for your answer !!