Kamus Bahasa Arab berbasis J2ME Mediafire Download

Good morning bloggers Newspaper Software are all in good health hopefully a'fiat wal ya all .. Aaamin on the occasion of this bright Morning Falah Mulyana will share about the applications dictionary J2ME-based Arabic so this might be fairly simple but still very easy, simple J2ME dictionary application useful for all bloggers ..

This is the Display Program and the Main Menu:

Display Program-Arab Indonesia Dictionary:

Display Program- Indonesia Arab Dictionary:

Vocabulary Program Display Show All:

Display Arabic Vocabulary Test-Indonesia:

Tampilan Program Ilmu Sharaf Berbasis J2ME

For Source Code Application Dictionary Arabic J2ME based its aja Request Via Email: falahmulyana@gmail.com

Ok buddy bloggers who want to Download Application for Arabic dictionary based on J2ME please Download the link below:

You will be redirected to adf.ly then wait 5 seconds and look for SKIP AD button in the upper right side of your monitor.

Download Link :

Password : www.Iqbal.com

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