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Buddy KS have this software. Windows 7 Circle dock bar icons on the desktop can be moved into a circle shape mernyerupai wall clocks, from the application shortcut stored within them by drag and drop can be run directly. Thus the appearance of the original desktop or a folder containing many sortcut are not neatly arranged can be minimized with this application.

Background can be changed as a desire pal pal, do not have a round, any image can be. For better results use the PNG image format.

Some of the features contained in this application include:

     * To add a file only needs drag and drop shortcut or folder.
     * Can be rotated using the mouse scroll
     * Can be run in windows 7, windows vista and windows xp
     * Applications can be run directly from the circle dock
     * Background and Icont can be changed as desired

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Circle Dock 0.9.2 Alpha Preview 8.2
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